Information about us – Trainees Improving Patient Safety through Quality Improvement (TIPSQI)

TIPSQI was developed in response to the addition of Quality Improvement to the curriculum for Foundation Doctors. Starting with one training session at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2013 (now Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust), sessions are now delivered in over 20 NHS organisations across England.

Our core belief is that the skills required to be future clinical leaders and undertake improvement work are not innate; formal teaching and support is required.

At its core the TIPS QI programme involves the delivery of interactive workshops where trainees are taught key QI concepts, based on the Model for Improvement. We aim to improve QI efforts by reducing regional variation in the content of QI training, removing barriers to undertaking projects and ultimately empowering clinicians to make improvements to patient care in their clinical areas of work.

What We Do

Our belief is that all who work in the NHS have the ability to improve care delivered to patients. Find out more about how we attempt to support staff to undertake improvement projects.

Our Team

The TIPSQI faculty come from a background of various medical specialties, but share a common vision – to enhance the ability for doctors of all roles to undertake QI and improve the care patients receive in their areas of work.

Our Feedback

Our training sessions are generally well received. We obtain feedback from each session and, in the spirit of QI, use it to improve the content and delivery. Take a look at our feedback here.

Contact Us

This page contains various email addresses you can contact, depending on your query. We are always happy to be contacted and try to respond as soon as possible.