There is plenty more out there on Quality Improvement in healthcare. Below we have links to other organisations whose resources we encourage you to explore. We are not responsible for content on external sites.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Based in Boston MA, the IHI helped kick-start QI in healthcare over 25 years ago, and are still global leaders in the field

NHS Improvement

National improvement agency and regulator, responsible for many national pieces of work

The Health Foundation

Charity committed to improving the health of UK citizens, often via QI methods


Improvement agency hosted by Salford Royal, commissioned to support local and national improvement projects

Advancing Quality Alliance

Consisting of member organisations, AQuA supports their members to improve the quality of care they deliver


Online platform for building QI projects. Sign in via your organisation

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

UK-based independent organisation led by the Royal Colleges, which promotes quality in healthcare

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Widely-respected Scottish healthcare improvement organisation

International Society for Quality in Healthcare

International healthcare improvement organisation, with global reach

BMJ Open Quality

UK open-access journal publishing quality improvement work

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