Leads are key to the success of TIPSQI – but what is a lead?

Leads are FY2 doctors who have an interet in QI and enthusiasm for teaching. They receive training on the TIPSQI content and guidance on how to teach this content to a group of FY1 doctors. 

The training day is currently held online and consists of working through 8 ‘modules’ covering the core aspects of QI, focussing on the model for improvement. We include lots of breakout group activities, where participants work through each step in the process of developing a QI project, allowing them the opportunity to apply the core QI methodology learning more about it for their personal benefit, but also to help identify areas they might find difficult to explain when teaching the content. Overall, this training day is very well received with recent feedback commenting positively on it’s interactive nature, clarity of explanations and the way the break out groups ran. 

Once a Lead has undertaken the training day, they will then deliver the QI contet to FY1 doctors under the support of a mentor. 

Why is being a lead beneficial?

1) Gain a more in depth understanding of QI methodology, meaning QI projects undertaken are of a higher standard
2) Opportunity to be involved in regional teaching programme
3) Opportunity to gain support and help with own QI projects from mentors and faculty
4) Opens the door to future roles within TIPSQI, to develop your QI interests and teaching role even further

Please get in contact with us if you would like to learn more about joining TIPSQI as a lead!