We offer a range of QI training sessions tailored to doctors at different levels.

TIPSQI FY1 Sessions

The TIPSQI Foundation Year One (FY1) teaching is delivered in an afternoon using a series of short presentations mixed with practical group activities. After a quick introduction to QI and its history we explore how to undertake an improvement project as a Foundation Doctor based around the Model for Improvement. The short lecture-style segments cover the theory and explore some examples, while the group activities allow the practical application of their new knowledge to commonly-encountered clinical scenarios.

TIPSQI FY2 Sessions

The TIPSQI Foundation Year Two (FY2) teaching opens with a brief recap of the QI concepts covered in the FY1 session, with a greater focus on further developing projects currently being undertaken by the trainees. In particular we explore how they can be improved, suggestions for next steps and considerations for what to do on completion of projects such as presentation and publication.

TIPSQI Lead Training

The ‘TIPS Leads’ coaching sessions are provided for FY2s who have shown a keen interest in QI and volunteered for an opportunity to gain extra experience. These sessions involve short lectures, one-to-one coaching and advice on how to help their peers with their projects. They are also trained to deliver the TIPSQI FY1 session in their organisation and others. The particular focus is on areas of QI methodology FY1 doctors struggle with most and how various coaching techniques can be used to better assist them over come challenges they might face.

TIPSQI Supervisor Sessions

TIPSQI Supervisor sessions are delivered to consultants who are keen to both develop their own understanding of QI methodology and improve their ability to assist Foundation Doctors under their clinical supervision with their projects. The sessions cover similar content to the FY1 sessions but focus on common problems faced by FYs trying to make improvements to complex systems, and how to help them overcome these.