Your QI Project

Everything you need to get started with a Quality Improvement project of your own

The TIPSQI Guide

Our short quality improvement guide takes you through the core QI methods from start to finish. It acts as an introduction on how to go about a project, or a useful reference if your project is part way through.

Project Ideas & Case Studies

Read about projects undertaken by others and see how they went about conducting them. Struggling to find a project idea? Take a look at our list of example SMART aims for inspiration. (COMING SOON)

Our Session Schedule

We deliver training sessions to doctors of all grades across the North West of England. Here is our current session schedule , which we try to update regularly. If you have a QI query, these are good opportunities to ask for advice.

TIPSQI Leads Area

TIPSQI leads are FY2 doctors with a particular interest in QI or teaching, who receive extra mentoring and are responsible for delivering training to their FY1 peers. (login required - contact us if your login is not working)

Your Organisation

We aim to build close links to QI departments in NHS Trusts across the North West, so we can point you towards those who can assist with projects locally. This page has contacts for those individuals (COMING SOON)

More QI Resources

There's loads of other info on QI in healthcare out there. On this page we have links to external sites where you can explore further, including publications and conferences where you might be able to present your project

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