Step 4 - The Model for Improvement

The Model for Improvement (MFI) is the absolute foundation of QI and the most important concept to understand in this guide. It’s effectiveness comes from its simplicity – you follow it stepwise ensuring you can answer each question in turn (and then use PDSA cycles).

It’s purpose is to provide a framework for testing theories and learning from the experience of doing this, not just implementing an idea.

Figure 4.1, The Model for Improvement

We will cover many other concepts throughout the guide. It is important to understand how each is used and the majority are essential components of a successful QI project. It is crucial to realise however, that their main purpose is to act as tools to help you effectively answer the questions of the MFI. You can hopefully therefore see how important appreciating the MFI is – everything else in QI is built upon it.

We will now go through each part one by one.

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