Step 8 - What Has Been Learned? (It's OK To Not See Improvement!)

We all want to see improvements demonstrated in our data, but often this won’t happen in the time scale you have available to you. Unfortunately this is part of trying to improve systems as complex as the ones we work in. However what can always be accomplished, is learn something about the impact of your changes to practice. Even if this is learning what changes don’t lead to improvement, it is still useful as others can then avoid spending time learning exactly the same things. In fact when it comes to presenting your work that is what people will be interested in; what you’ve learned, even if no substantial improvements are made. You never know, someone senior may be so impressed with your efforts they take an interest and it leads to future work – certainly still a success!

So a plea – to record everything you do, so that you find establishing what you have learned as easy as possible.

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